Program all the things!

Many many moons ago (how many moons since the 90's ?), while serving in the US Air Force, the internet came along and changed everything. For me, that change was significant.

I immediately wanted to know how the internet worked, what could be done and how it could be manipulated. This led me quickly into web development and my eventual love of programming.

I have been developing professionally for the web for almost 20 years. In my current position, my team and I create MVC web based applications within the Concrete5 CMS framework. Concrete5 is built on top of giants like Symphony, Laravel, and Doctrine. I have experience with many different types of applications including web applications, user and patient portals, touchscreen applications for conferences and iOS applicatons.

I am currently neck deep in 3D iOS games and Augemented Reality applications built natively using Swift.

Skillset Overview

These are the tools that make the magic happen.

Server Side

PHP 10+ Years
Swift 3 years
Node.js 3 Years
Python 2 Years

Client Side

Javascript 10+ Years
jQuery 7+ years
Angular 2 Years
CSS 10 Years
Bootstrap 4 Years
Flexbox 2 Years

MVC Frameworks

Zend Framework
Express (Node.js)


ARKit/SceneKit (Augmented Reality & 3D Gaming)
Core Location, Core Data, Local & Push notifications
Firebase, AWS (Remote BaaS)

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