1. an organism that turns coffee into software.

I have been developing professionally, for the web and mobile devices, for nearly 20 years. I have helped many clients and organizations see their projects realized. From portals to web and mobile applications, my expereince has touched industries including the health and life sciences industries, manufacturing, music, and non-profits.

Web Development Samples

The following section shows some of the website or web application projects I have recently been involved with either in a leadership role or primary development position.

Gilead Research Scholars Portals

Gilead needed a portal for research scientists to apply for funding. It needed to allow a 3rd party committee to score and vote on applications as well as allow communication between the reviewers and review managers. This portal comprises a full user/group permission system, a committee approval workflow and scoring system and a notification system.

Gilead Research Scholars


Nektar came to us in need of a complete refresh of their site and presence. This site features asynchronous news feeds. A full user/group permissions setup to allow editors for particular sections of the site while locking out others. A handy feature for department heads to keep their content up to date.

NanoString Technologies

NanoString's site boasts a full user login system for their customers. A custom OAuth integration with the NanoString Store and a publications and events system.

iOS Development Samples

This section highlights some of the iOS development projects I have published to date.

MightyMet: Metronome

MightyMet is a metronome application that features tap tempo, click sound customization and custom UI dial control element. It uses the FireBase BaaS architecture for storing playlist information and social login capability.

MightyMinders: Location based reminders

MightyMinders is a location based application that allows users to set/share reminders with friends and family. It uses the Core Location and MapKit libraries as well as various libraries for UI customizations. It uses the FireBase BaaS architecture for storing information and social login capability.

Skillset Overview

These are the tools that make the magic happen.

Server Side


Client Side


MVC Frameworks

Zend Framework
Express (Node.js)


ARKit/SceneKit (Augmented Reality & 3D Gaming)
Core Location, Core Data, Local & Push notifications
Firebase, AWS (BaaS)

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